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TradTöchter (= trad daughters) – that means  traditional songs,  own dance compositions and electrifying  arrangements for fiddle and five string fiddle –

The two german violinists love traditional dance tunes as much as newly written dance music, and play both for the joy of dancers and listeners.
Stirring own compositions join with virtuosic arrangements of traditional tunes and songs.
Yes, the two musicians bring not only instrumental music to ballrooms and concert halls, gently and wildly do they trall and sing of cravings, golden rings, the wide ocean,  wild excesses and rotten apples.

The duo started in March 2016 and charm their audience,  make ears dance and feet listen.
The music of these two violinists will let you experience the striking power music can have.

Vivien Zeller – fiddle, voc
Ursula Suchanek – five string fiddle, voc

CD „Love songs Within the Bounds of Possibilities“ – OUT NOW!
Sources and Lyrics

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1 Sülzegrund (U. Suchanek)
Melodies occur to Ursl most often when she is traveling. Sometimes the names of passing stations
or motorway services inspire the title.

2 Das Frühjahr – Springtime (trad/ V. Zeller)
A joyful, seductive, typical spring love song with a surprising dramatic twist – which might
raise a knowing smile.
T: Erk/ Böhme „der deutsche Liederhort“ Bd.2,  Nr.686a
M: V. Zeller 

Now is the springtime and everything is becoming green.
On the green meadow and everywhere

The flowers of the field are now in bloom, they flower white, blue, red and yellow.
On the green meadow and everywhere.

And even if everybody makes fun of me, I go to my love at night.
On the green …

When I go to my treasure, the lark rises high into the air.
On the green…

And when I am at her window, I hear another one is already inside,
on the green …

Didn´t I love you faithfully all the time?Did I ever made your heart sad?
On the green…?

Now I go into the green wood and find another place to be.
On the green…

3 Walzer für Akkordeon in der Nacht – Walz for Accordion in the Night (V. Zeller)
A real reverie of Vivien´s who, while sleeping, learned this piece by ear in a dream-accordion
workshop. Who would have thought?

4 Drei Schätzlein – Three Little Treasures (trad/trad)
Fine, cheeky ironic fragments of some dance songs and love songs, which were sung to „Schleifer“
melodies in the 18th Century.
Melodie 1, 3: Wittenberger Apothekenhandschrift Nr. 60, 60bMelodie 2, 4: Handschrift des Heinrich Nicol Philipp, Seibis 1784 Nr 50, 15Texte aus: „Ueber die deutschen Volkslieder“ aus: Bragur. Ein literarisches Magazin der Deutschen und Nordischen Vorzeit, Bd.3, S 230ff Leipzig 1794.

My treasure is beautiful, but not rich.
What is the use of being rich, I can´t sleep with the money.

I don´t know where my little bird is, I don´t know where it´s singing.
Which shutter do you lie behind my treasure?
I can tell you where I was lying, behind the green rosebush between two young men.

I have a beautiful treasure, I only hope it stays that way.
Put it out in the garden to scare the birds away!
And if my treasure were a fir tree, I would climb upon its top, however high.

5 Komm komm – Come Come (trad./ V. Zeller)
a sweet, erotic song about the longing of a woman for her lover.
T: Erk/ Böhme „Der deutsche Liederhort“ Bd. 2, Nr. 372, 13. Jh  / Bearb. u. 2. Strophe:  V. Zeller
M: V. Zeller

come come my loved one, I am longing for you.
Sweet mouth of rose water come and make me whole.
Come my loved one, I am longing for you.
look at me and let that bring you joy.
When you leave, you look at me as only my true love would.
Come my loved one, I am waiting.

6 Sturmflut – Storm Surge (V. Zeller)
Confronted with the sometimes cruel aspects of human interactions, a storm surge of anger and
despair broke over Vivien, eventually being released through music.

7 Die 3. Potenz der Lüge… – The Lie Cubed Equals Reality (V. Zeller)
once full of heavy disappointment, this love song transformed into a light and airy favourite. How

8 Das Blümelein – The Little Flower (trad/trad)
A love song of another kind.
A young woman confronts her boyfriend with his dishonesty and kicks him out without further ado.
On her research, Vivien found quite a few variations on this theme and put them all into one song.
T: Erk/ Böhme „Der deutsche Liederhorst“ Bd.2, Nr. 572, 572b, 521, 699a
M: Erk/ B
öhme „Der deutsche Liederhorst“ Bd.2, Nr. 572

Oh little blue flower don´t wilt, you grow on a green meadow.
You were once my love, but now I have to avoid you.
There are some birds who fly to another´s nest. They eat and drink whatever they find,
They even take the best of all.
You flew into my nest, now fly away!
You were once my love, now the affair is over.
I saw you with another woman, I couldn´t speak a word.
My young heart could have broken in a thousand pieces.
If the stag looks into the water he shall no longer drink from it.
And if the boy has a lover, he shouldn´t court another.
You cannot be so far away if you sat by her side
and forgot your gold ring in her hand.
The ring that you forgot was your pledge to her.
May god forgive you for the wretched promise you made to her.
I still wear the ring that you gave me,
you were once my lover but not any longer.
All birds leave their nests at times.
They flap their wings and hop on the branches.
I rose up and flew to a greener branch.
And if you don´t like that, I couldn´t care less.
You said you would love me always – as long as it was nighttime.
In daylight you are ashamed of me. That kind of love I don´t need.
So go and marry a rich one and let me, the poor one, be.
And even if you come back to me, I would never be with you.
A poor woman can become rich, but the rich can only become poor.
If you take the rich one for a wife, then may god help you.
I won´t have a mourning dress made for your sake.
There´ll come a time when I´ll be laughing; you´ll be crying.
You may be in the sunshine now and I am in the cold wind,
but don´t think it will stay that way forever.
I´ll prosper and I´ll marry.
One who is true and faithful like me.
And if I gave you pleasure, be grateful and keep it to yourself.
This affair is over – I´ve turned you down!

9 Himmel über Wittenberg – Sky Over Wittenberg (trad)
A pharmacist who secretly wrote love songs to his assistant? Who knows how these beautiful
pieces came to be written in the poison book of the old pharmacy in Wittenberg…
P.15 und P.17 aus der Wittenberger Apothekenhandschrift aus dem 18. Jh.

10 Keleolu (V. Zeller)
This 5-time walz is an ode to joy and love in life and was originally written for the band Kwart.
Now with Ursl it is brought to new life and love.

11 To the Young Lady ( V. Zeller)
A Wiwat to celebrate a new life, which began on the same night as another left the world. A special
mixture of joy, grief and love breaks out in this tune.

12 Synkopenabklärung – The Investigation of Syncope (U. Suchanek)
While the medical causes of syncopes (fainting) are well understood, their spontaneous
occurrence in music is mysterious.

13 Seute Deern / Helle Stunden – Seute Deern / Bright Hours (V. Zeller/ U.Suchanek)
Here, two memories are connected. A melancholy one for a lost love and a grateful one for a lost